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Building N

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

V Holešovičkách 747/2,

Prague 8

front desk contact:  +420 221 912 910

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e-mail: mff@mff.cuni.cz

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Support for students and applicants with special needs at the faculty is provided by:


Overview of accessibility

Description of the building

The new building N is a part of the extensive campus in Troja. The complex has six buildings, which house, in addition to the departments of the physics section, two branches of the faculty library and the Language Education Office. In the IMPAKT pavilion (N), there is a faculty library, an auditorium, ten lecture rooms, and the staff facilities for the computer science section of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.


Wheelchair access: The building is constructed for wheelchair access, including the restrooms. Access is possible from the approach ramp in the atrium of the building T.

The surface of the access road from V Holešovičkách Street, where the public transportation stop is located, is made of asphalt with a long longitudinal slope (4%-6%). The area in front of the main entrance is flat. The two double-panel entrance doors of the pavilion (width 2x 86 cm) open mechanically outwards. The doorbell (height 151 cm) is located to the right of the door. In the large entrance hall to the left behind the entrance doors, there is a reception area (desk height 87 cm).

There is a second side entrance on the north side of the floor. Two double doors (width 2x 80 cm) lead directly to the central corridor of the ground floor.

Due to its location on a slope, the building has two additional entrances at the level of the 1st underground floor. The entrance from the south side (door width 2x 80 cm) is located by the library. The entrance from the east side near a small parking area with two reserved parking spaces leads to the lower part of the tiered auditorium. In front of the door (width 90 cm), there is one step (height 10-16 cm).


All floors of the building are connected by a lift. The manoeuvring space in the interior is sufficient. The doors of classrooms, offices, and other passages have a minimum width of 80 cm.

On the 1st underground floor, there is a library (service counter height 76 cm) with a study room. There is also a separate entrance to the lower part of the tiered auditorium (see Entrance). The department is located on a platform (2 steps up). There are no reserved spaces for students with wheelchairs. The space in the last row of seats with access from the 1st above-ground floor can be used.

On the 1st above-ground floor, there are two lecture rooms with an even floor and an entrance to the back of the auditorium, where there are three reserved seats for students with wheelchairs in the last row.

On the 2nd and 3rd above-ground floors, there are offices and classrooms. The tables and chairs in the rooms can be moved as needed.


A lift (automatically opening door width 120 cm, cabin width 180 cm, depth 204 cm) connects the 1st underground to the 3rd above-ground floor. The manoeuvring space in front of the lift is sufficient. The cabin with a pull-down seat is also equipped with a handle (height 88 cm) and a mirror on the front wall. The controls at the entrances have a maximum height of 99 cm. The maximum height of the controls inside the cabin is 121 cm.

Sanitary facilities

There are four modified toilets in the building located on the 1st and 2nd above-ground floors. They are always part of the men’s and women’s sanitary facilities with spacious hallways.

All stalls (door width 90 cm, stall width min. 190 cm, depth min. 178 cm) are accessible. Two of them (the men’s toilet on the 1st above-ground floor and the women’s toilet on the 2nd above-ground floor) have a rotated layout of 90° (the toilet is anchored on the side wall). The remaining two stalls have a standard layout with the toilet anchored on the rear wall.

The single-panel doors to all modified stalls are marked and open mechanically outwards. Access to the toilet when looking from the entrance into the stall is on the right. Only the stall in the women’s toilet facility on the 2nd above-ground floor has access to the toilet on the left. The space for a wheelchair next to the toilet is sufficient (width min. 100 cm). The toilets are always equipped with one pull-down and one fixed handle.


There are two reserved parking spaces in the parking area adjacent to the pavilion on the east side. A straight pavement leads from these spaces along the south façade of the building to the entrance at the library (marked as the 1st underground floor).

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