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Coaching in English

Free of charge for all CU students and employees

Jan Prach

Temporarily does not accept new clients.

+420 724 358 829

Place: Palác Ymca, Na Poříčí 12 - SANTEA

I work with people from many different fields, who have one thing in common – they want to work on themselves and change something in their lives. We are using both the support of Western psychology and the yoga techniques, meditation and mindfulness.

I perceive coaching as the essence of practical psychology. It is a set of mental life-hacks, tools that will help us to build and achieve goals, change and improve our lives. Properly managed coaching should lead a person to increase awareness of their life situation and responsibility for their decisions. This will incredibly increase his self-awareness, work efficiency and meaningfulness of life as such.

I have been working for several years with both managers and students who want to be at the forefront of their field and who are looking for motivation, discipline and the real purpose of their job.

Mrg. Veronika Sláviková

+420 224 491 759

Place: Školská 13a, Praha 1

Studying psychology for five years was my first step to discovering myself and through myself the people around me. After studying in Bratislava, I went to study in Prague, where I completed a crisis intervention course, online counseling and a one-year individual coaching course at Qued Group. I was so interested in the potential of coaching that I completed certified informal education on the topic of eco-coaching, social coaching and self-coaching in various European countries. For me, coaching is a set of tools, thanks to which one can increase awareness and sensitivity to our life and move human potential towards vitality and health. In my coaching practice, in addition to classical approaches, I also work with emotions and the body in a safe environment.

Registration via e-mail or here:  REGISTRATION ALSO IN ENGLISH

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