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  • Psychological Counselling for all CU students and employees - Carolina Centre

Psychological Counselling for all CU students and employees - Carolina Centre

You can visit the counselling in person and we also offer services on-line. We use Skype, Teams, ZOOM and other available tools, according to your agreement with the chosen counsellor.

We offer counselling in English, free of charge for all CU students and employees. Should you need our help to deal with your study, family, personal or other problems, you are welcome to come to our Counselling Centre.

Rules for the provision of counselling services

Address: Školská 13a, Prague 1 small green door

The consultations take place mainly at Školská, sometimes at offices of individual counsellors. You can contact our counsellors at their e-mails or register in the available applications.

Registration: please, make an appointment in our application


Information how to get to the application.

If there are no consultations available in the application, you can ask the counsellor, you choose, to make an appointment for you via their e-mail.

If the counsellor does not have an e-mail on the web or you need any advice or help, you can write to:

If your situation is urgent or you require consultation outside regular working hours, please use one of the services or lines that offer crisis intervention or support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can find them in the tab Emergency services outside of Charles University.

If you need psychological help due to the crisis situation in Izrael, Ukraine, you can contact us: , we will try to arrange a meeting as soon as possible.

Our counsellors:

Mgr. Lukáš Pánek


I have a degree in psychology, and I have experience working as an elementary and high school psychologist. I am currently in the supervision portion of my psychotherapy training in Biosynthesis and work with clients in private practice.

I offer mental health counselling and short-term therapy for CU students and staff. Feel free to contact me if you’re facing problems with your studies, mental health problems such as anxiety, difficulties in relationships, or if you’re seeking support in challenging situations.

Mgr. et Mgr. Karel Straka

Place: Školská 13a, Prague 1

I studied psychology and law at Charles University. I am a participant of the psychotherapy training Integration in psychotherapy. I draw on my experience from working on a crisis line and, in addition, I provide psychological counseling to adult clients in a therapy center.

I focus on support for problems with studies, in personal life, interpersonal relationships or psychological problems - anxiety, stress management, self-confidence, balance between personal and work/study life and more. I try to tailor the counseling individually so that it helps clients to become more aware of their needs and internal resources and to remove obstacles of their growth.

Mgr. Pavla Čípková

Place: Školská 13a, Prague 1

Full capacity, does not accept new clients now.

I am professionally involved in crisis intervention and psychology. I studied it at Charles University, so I am familiar with its environment. Outside of counselling, I work in crisis services and generally with people in distress. I am a participant of psychotherapeutic training in biosynthesis and a graduate of a course in relaxation and meditation.

I see counselling at Charles University as a signpost where you can stop and look around to see where you are at the moment and what you need - both in professional, relational and personal issues. 

Mgr. Petr Arbet

Place: Dormitory Slavíkova, Prague 2

I work as a psychologist, psychological coach and I’m in the supervision portion of my psychotherapy training. As a student I knew what it was like to feel uncertainty about purpose and meaning of life. Thanks to someone else I was able to get to know myself better and I would like to offer the same help to you.

I like to work with symbols and fantasy, you can imagine therapy and coaching as a way of opening a door. We only suspect that it exists, even though it’s in our own house, within us. I would like to offer you a key, that can help you open it and see what is hidden behind the door. I like to work with topics like motivation, burnout or stress management.

Soy psicólogo, coach y terapeuta. Mi misión es despertar en los demás el

deseo de ser ellos mismos. Me centro en temas como: ansiedad, estrés

excesivo, pérdida de sentido, motivación y ganas (no solo) para

estudiar, soledad, depresión, problemas de pareja...

Pasé un año en Valencia como estudiante Erasmus.

Mgr. Anna-Marie Pospíšilová

Anna is at full capacity and is not accepting new clients at the moment.

Place: Školská 13a, Prague 1

I graduated from psychology 3 years ago. For the last 4 years I worked as a crisis consultant on the help line for children and students and also as a mental health awareness trainer. I am currently participating in 1-year training on Somatic Coaching.

I offer psychological counselling and relaxation techniques training both for students and employees of Charles University. I can help you deal with challenging life situations by focusing on finding your coping mechanisms and understanding your specific needs. I have particular experience with the topics of high sensitivity (HSP), work/study-life balance and self-care.

Msc Steve Borg

Place: Školská 13a, Prague 1

My name is Steve and I hail from the sunny island of Malta. I am a teacher turned occupational psychologist practitioner where I deal with people who have issues with motivational, performative and habitual practice. I also focus on mental health issues at the school and employment setting. I also well-researched into gamification and how this can aid people's engagement and focus on goals and resolutions. I am also a soft skill trainer and my areas of speciality are emotional agility, communication skills, group dynamics, teaching and creativity.

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