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Information on the special needs of students are entered in the information system “Student”. In the "Student" system, the following information is recorded: the special needs status of the student, and the category of their disadvantage (visual impairment, specific learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder etc.). Access to this information at a faculty is given to a specific employee of the registrar's office who is responsible for recordkeeping, the contact person at the faculty, and employees of the Carolina Centre who report it anonymised in the statistics to the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports. No other employee of Charles University has access to this information, including instructors.

Only the provider of functional diagnostics has access to information regarding the precise diagnoses of students.

Instructors are informed about the special educational needs either by the students themselves or with the help of the contact person at the faculty, however always with the student's consent.

The students themselves may share this information with other service providers at the Charles University – employees of counselling services, digitization centres, the Institute of Deaf Studies etc.

If a student with special needs uses the assistance provided by students, this information is recorded by the Carolina Centre for the purpose of paying out scholarships.

A student may request the removal from the evidence of special needs students verbally or in writing via the contact person at their faculty, or an employee of the Carolina Centre. This does not mean a retrospective data deletion, but termination of their records in the “Student” system.

Data about students with special needs are stored for a period of 10 years after the end of studies in the case of audit by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports regarding the use of funding.

Last change: August 23, 2023 15:22 
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