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Recognised parental leave

The amendment of act 111/1998 Sb., on higher education institutions and on amendments and supplements to some other acts of 2013, obliges institutions of higher learning to take appropriate measures for the education of parents during the period of maternity or of parental leave (“recognised parental leave”). Student-parents thus have the option of having their recognised parental leave registered, which entitles them to partial modification of the conditions of their study.

The entitlements concerned are the following (as provided for by the Study and Examination Rules of Charles University (SER CU):

  • entitlement to an interruption of study for the duration of the recognised parental leave (the period of interruption is not included in the total duration of study for the purpose of imposition of a fee for exceeding the standard period of study) – Article 4 para 11 SER CU.

  • entitlement to an individual study plan during the period which would otherwise be covered by taking maternity leave (the course and terms of this plan are set in such a way as to allow the extension of the periods for the fulfilment of study obligations at least for the time which would otherwise be covered by taking maternity leave) – Article 5 para 10 a) SER CU.

Registration of recognised parental leave (including the terms and procedure for submitting applications) is provided for by the Rector’s Measure No. 36/2018.

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