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Scholarships and Bursaries

Last change: June 3, 2022

Bursary for students in acute difficulties

Are you dealing with a difficult situation? Thanks to the new Rector’s directive, you can ask for assistance.

You can request an extraordinary scholarship from your Dean or the Rector. Accroding to Article 4(2) of the Scholarships and Bursaries Rules, the Dean makes a decision according to the terms set out in an internal regulation of the faculty.

A scholarship may be requested from the Rector if a student is dealing with an emergency situation that relates in particular to the following:

a. Losing one’s parents,

b. Taking care of a dependent person,

c. Becoming a mother or a parent,

d. Serious health reasons,

e. Being affected by a natural disaster or another misfortune or accident,

f. Falling victim to a crime

or is in imminent danger of such a situation.

You can find out how to apply and more information here.

Download the form

Bursary for student in emergency situation related to the crisis in Ukraine

Fill in the form and send the signed document by post to the File Documentantion Office

Please note that you have to also send the scanned and signed document by email to

Please describe your monthly income and expenses, what you need to use the amount for. It is appropriate to prove your financial situation with some kind of document - for example, bank account statements for the last three months. If possible, attach proof of your permanent residence and other documents that may prove the financial situation of your family. If you do not have the documents, please write an affidavit stating that facts you provide are true.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information.

We will try to process requests as soon as possible.

Václav Havel Scholarship

The Václav Havel Scholarship is intended for foreign students who have difficulties studying or who cannot study at all due to the repression of totalitarian, authoritarian, or other oppressive regimes anywhere in the world. Financial support is provided directly by Charles University. Students apply for this support prior to starting their studies.

The scholarship is governed by Rector’s Directive no. 47/2020.

Accommodation bursaries

Accommodation bursaries are awarded upon request to students who meet the following conditions:

Students are studying full-time, they have not interrupted their studies, they are not studying in a foreign language (they are not self-paying), they have at most two incidents of academic failure in the past, in none of the concurrently studied programmes did they exceed the standard period of study extended by one year, and in the case of a basic accommodation bursary, they do not study in the teaching district where they have permanent residence or in Prague if they have permanent residence in Prague.

If a student is enrolled in more than one programme of study or in more areas in a programme of study, a bursary to support accommodation may be awarded and paid only once for the specified period.

Economic hardship bursaries

Economic hardship bursaries are awarded based on an application to students who meet the following conditions:

Students have not interrupted their studies, they are not studying in a foreign language (they are not self-paying), and they have not exceeded the standard period of study in any of the concurrent programmes of study.

Students must also receive child benefits from the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, and the income of the jointly assessed household is no more than 1.5 times the subsistence level.

Josef, Marie, and Zdenka Hlávka Foundation Scholarship

The foundation’s scholarship is intended for students who are included in the Programme Support for the Studies of Students-Citizens permanently living abroad, which is awarded by the Foundation. Thus, it is not automatically available. The scholarship is awarded for the standard period of study of one programme of study. A condition for awarding and paying out the scholarship is the student's enrolment in a unit of study. More information can be found in Rector’s Directive no. 21/2020.

Faculty support

Scholarships for outstanding academic achievement

The conditions for awarding scholarships for outstanding academic achievement are set out in an internal regulation of the faculty. It is based on determining the average of grades achieved. For more information, see the faculty’s web pages under regulations or the student affairs office of the respective faculty.

Fee reductions for studying in a foreign language

The rules for fee reductions for studying in a foreign language for the faculties of CU are set out in Annex 2 to Rector’s Directive no. 42/2021. From October 2023, these rules will be set out in Rector´s Directive no. 25/2023 .


This scholarship is intended for Belarusian students who were forced to leave Belarus due to repression in 2020–2022 and who commenced their studies at universities in Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, or Poland during the 2020/2021 academic year at the earliest.

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Last change: August 11, 2023 13:38 
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