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For students

Charles University offers a wide range of support to students with disabilities. However, if you would like to use, or have entitlement to study modification, you must be registered at your faculty as a student with special needs. In this section you will read how to proceed and what are the available options of assistance.

Centrum Carolina provides directly the following services:

  • digitisation of study materials,

  • facilitation of study assistance,

  • lending technical and adaptive aids,

  • reading room with free printing and copying of study materials,

  • facilitation of training of orientation skills and independent movement,

  • training seminars for students with special needs,

  • counselling and assistance in dealing with individual study matters.

Other forms of support are provided directly by the faculties and their specialised units. These involve, for example:

  • interpreting, transcribing and note taking services,

  • individual tuition,

  • time compensation,

  • sporting activities.

This part also includes a more detailed description of the individual services and a guide to obtaining them.

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