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Special needs

Charles University provides essential support for students and applicants with special needs. This concerns people with the following conditions:

  • Visual impairments,

  • Hearing impairments,

  • Physical impairments,

  • Specific learning disorders,

  • Autism spectrum disorder,

  • Other difficulties (e.g. psychological disorders, impaired communication, or chronic somatic disease).

If you fall under any of the above categories, we can offer you a wide range of support services, which you can see listed in this brochure.

Foto: Thinkstock
Foto: Thinkstock

Service providers

The Carolina Centre is the main department responsible for the support of people with special needs at the Charles University. Besides coordinating the whole system of services, we directly provide some of them.

You can find additional assistance at your faculty. An authorized contact person for students with special needs works at each of the faculties – they will help you with anything you need, and you can contact this person at any time during your studies. The contact persons cooperate with the registrar's offices, the guarantors of study programmes, and even the instructors. Some of the faculties even offer special offices that provide students with a range of services (e.g. digitized study materials, interpreting and transcription services, professional counselling etc.).

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