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Digitisation centre

The Digitisation Centre of the Carolina Centre is the main provider of services for students with visual impairments. The centre digitises materials for all faculties of Charles University, with the exception of the Faculty of Education (handled by the library of the faculty) and the theological faculties (handled by the library of the Protestant Theological Faculty).

Other workplaces providing digitisation can be found here.

The main activity of the centre is the digitisation of materials for student with visual impairments. You can find out how to search in our collection here. Additional services include printing in Braille, larger print, consultation, and counselling.

Current information:

1. Digitisation is only for registered students with special needs – moreover, the student must have digitisation specified as a support measure in the functional diagnostics + a signed Declaration of Compliance with Copyrights (exceptionally, this declaration may now be made electronically upon request – ).

2. If the student is a registered user and we have the book in our collection (see the Central Catalogue – with Carolina Centre in the book description), we can send the book – use the following e-mail to order: .

3. If we do not have the book – sometimes it can be difficult to access the book, so we cannot promise you that we can get it. However, you can send us a request and we will do our best to ensure that the book is digitised as soon as possible.​

Opening hours

Monday 13:00–17:00

Wednesday 13:00–17:00

Consultation by prior arrangement. Thank you for your understanding.


PhDr. Lenka Dobešová, PhD.

Phone: 224 491 507

Mobil: 777 355 728

Mgr. Jan Král

Phone: 224 491 581


Celetná 20, Praha 1

1. floor, door 150

phone: 224 491 581

Last change: August 23, 2023 13:00 
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