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Loan of technical aids

Centrum Carolina offers the possibility of a loan of a notebook to students who are in a difficult financial situation. The service is available to all persons who meet the requirements for receiving a social scholarship (according to current University regulations), i.e. students where the income of the common household they share does not exceed 1.5 times the living wage. This fact must be supported by one of the following documents:

• decision on the granting of a social scholarship for the academic year in question;

• written confirmation of the incomes of the assessed common household amounting to a 1.5 multiple of the living wage (issued by the Labour Office; the confirmation must not be older than 30 days) – see sample

The basic loan period for the aids is six months, which may, however, be extended by another six months if no other parties are interested in borrowing the aid.

The terms of the loan are governed by the library loan rules and the loan agreement.

The notebook loan includes a notebook bag.

If interested in borrowing a notebook, please contact Mgr. Jana Vlasáková at: , phone 224 491 604.

Last change: January 14, 2020 15:24 
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