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Legal counseling

Free of charge for all CU students and employees

We can help students and employees of Charles University to orientate in a difficult life situation or to deal with an unusual problem. Clients can get information on which legal norms regulate the problem and how. We can also provide information on which institution asserts a legal claim or fulfils an obligation.

We usually solve problems related to studies, social regulations (conditions of payment of personal social benefits), social security, health insurance, possible employment during studies, conditions of individual forms of employment, and remuneration at work. However, there are also other questions concerning, for example, the conditions of stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, the conditions of marriage, inheritance within the family, and others.


Mgr. et Mgr. Tereza Martincová

Legal counselling is provided at a distance. Please send your queries at tereza.martincova@ruk.cuni.cz. Prior reservation is not necessary; the consultant will address query within a few days.

If you need your answer without undue delay, please indicate that in the subject line of your e-mail.


I studied American studies at FSV UK and the Faculty of Law at Charles University. As part of my studies, I spent two semesters abroad, in Germany and the USA. During my studies, I started to work as a legal assistant and then continued as a paralegal in Prague law offices.

My role within the counselling centre of the Carolina Centre is to help clients from among students and employees to navigate the legal aspects of a difficult situation, whether in civilian life or in connection with studies. However, I cannot represent you; my role is not to replace the work of lawyers, to whom I will refer you if necessary.

Clients often contact me with a request for consultation regarding tenancy relations, alimony, inheritance, labour law or the issue of the residence of foreigners.

I offer consultations in Czech and English.

Last change: December 21, 2022 17:06 
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