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Counselling Centres At The Individual CU Faculties

These centres serve mainly for students studying at the given faculty ( the service for students of the faculty is free of charge; a fee may apply for students from other faculties).

Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre - Hussite Theological Faculty

Address: Pacovská 350/4, 140 21 Prague 4

Contact: Prof. PhDr. Beáta Krahulcová, CSc.

Phone: +420 222 539 230

e-mail: Beata.Krahulcova@htf.cuni.cz

Web: (in Czech) https://htf.cuni.cz/HTF-130.html

Faculty Of Law

Contact: MUDr. Zuzana Klapetková

E-mail: poradna@prf.cuni.cz

Web: https://www.prf.cuni.cz/aktuality/provoz-psychologicke-poradny-na-pf-uk

For the students of the Faculty Of Law.

Students Counselling Centre - First Faculty of Medicine

Address: Department of Child Health Promotion - building no. 19, 3rd floor, room 306, Ruská 87, 100 00 Prague 10

Contact: Linda Arbeli

E-mail: Linda.Arbeli@lf1.cuni.cz

Web: https://en.lf1.cuni.cz/psychological-counceling-center-for-students-of-first-faculty-of-medicine

Students Counselling Centre - Third Faculty of Medicine

Contact: Doc. MUDr. Dagmar Schneidrová, CSc.

Phone: +420 267 102 340

E-mail: dagmar.schneidrova@lf3.cuni.cz

Stress management programme for all university students on the Faculty website or here

Counselling for students - Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň

Contact: Mgr. Barbora Sládeková

Web: http://www.lfp.cuni.cz/sekce/182-center-for-students-counselling.html

Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre - Faculty of Medicine Hradec Králové

Address: Šimkova 870, 500 03 Hradec Králové

Contact: MUDr. David Skorunka, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 495 816 357

E-mail: skor@lfhk.cuni.cz

Students Counselling Centre - Faculty of Arts

click here for more information (The information is in Czech but some counsellors are able to provide services in English, too)

Address: Celetná 20, room 207a, Prague 1

Contact: PhDr. Hedvika Boukalová, Ph.D.

Phone: (+420) 221 619 675

E-mail: hedvika.boukalova@ff.cuni.cz

Psychological Counselling Centre - Faculty of Education

Address: Magdalény Rettigové 4, 116 39 Prague 1

Contact: PhDr. Hana Sotáková, PhDr. Klára Špačková, Ph.D.

Phone: +420 221 900 514,

E-mail: hana.sotakova@pedf.cuni.czklara.spackova@pedf.cuni.cz

The Roman-Catholic Academic Parish of Prague

Web: http://www.farnostsalvator.cz/en

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