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Ke Karlovu

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Ke Karlovu 3,

121 16 Prague 2

front desk contact: +420 221 911 400, +420 739 837 850 (from 6am untill 20pm) – if you need any kind of information about building, please call this number

web: https://www.mff.cuni.cz/en/internal-affairs/buildings-and-campuses/karlov

Support for students and applicants with special needs at the faculty is provided by:


Description of the building

The building of the Dean’s Office of the faculty is located in the historical centre of Prague. It is a historic building with many non-barrier-free features. The building has two wings, only one of which is accessible by a lift. The building is used exclusively for the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, which carries out teaching, administrative, and other activities of the faculty. There is also a barrier-free library with a study room.

Accessibility and transportation

Public transportation

The nearest public transportation stop is bus stop no. 148 “Dětská nemocnice Karlov”. The barrier-free metro station I. P. Pavlova may also be used. For more information, see www.dpp.cz.

Description of the route from the lift at the I. P. Pavlova metro station:

From the lift leading to Legerova Street 50, turn right to I. P. Pavlova Square where you will cross Legerova Street and then Sokolská Street. Follow Sokolská Street to the left and keep going straight until the intersection with Wenzigova Street where you turn right, and at the end, turn left into Ke Karlovu Street (you can also take a quieter route via Na Bojišti and Ke Karlovu Streets, but there are more crossings). On the right you will first pass the building of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 5, and then there is the Dean’s Office of the faculty, Ke Karlovu 3.

The main entrance is not barrier-free, so you should continue to the corner of the building where you will turn right into the metal gate and then right into the courtyard. You will see the door to the building opposite you. Enter through it and the lift is on the right through the corridor.


Entering through the main gate is without problems when announcing yourself at the reception area. The building does not have reserved parking spaces for disabled persons. It is possible to park in the complex when passing through the gate straight down to the end on the right. From your vehicle, however, you must return 30 m up a steep hill to the level of the hall with a barrier-free entrance. This is suitable only with assistance or for electric wheelchairs.


The building may be accessed through the entrance in the hall of the building. The barrier-free part of the building is located to the right of the entrance.


Barrier-free access for people with reduced mobility is provided in the right half of the building. However, there are narrow double doors in a part of the building (60-70 cm).

The fully accessible student affairs office is located on the 1st floor. The lecture hall is inaccessible.


For access to all floors, use the lift on the right after entering the building. It is spacious and allows for all types of wheelchairs. Only the manually operated interior door of the lift may cause minor problems.

Sanitary facilities

There are no barrier-free toilets in the building.

Last change: May 30, 2022 14:18 
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