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Building F

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Ke Karlovu 2026/5,

Prague 2

front desk contact:  +420 221 911 211

web: https://www.mff.cuni.cz/en/internal-affairs/buildings-and-campuses/troja


Support for students and applicants with special needs at the faculty is provided by:

Overview of accessibility

Description of the building

Building F of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics is a part of the Ke Karlovu complex. The Physics Department is located in the building.

Accessibility and transportation

Public transportation

The nearest public transportation stop is bus no. 148 “Dětská nemocnice Karlov”. You may also use the barrier-free metro station I. P. Pavlova. For more information, see www.dpp.cz.


Two reserved parking spaces without ramps to the pavement are available at the intersection of Ke Karlovu and Albertov Streets.


The surface of the access pavement is made of flat mosaic tiles. The main entrance to the building is not barrier-free (3 steps up). The double door (main panel width 91 cm, side panel width 93 cm) opens mechanically inwards. The doorbell (height 130 cm) is located on the right of the door above the stairs. From the vestibule (width 228 cm, depth 140 cm), another double swinging door (width 2x 68 cm) leads to the interior.

From the entrance hall, where the reception area is located (desk height 100 cm), a double swinging door (width 2x 60 cm) leads to the left to the main corridor on the ground floor with a lift. Immediately behind the swinging door are 2 steps with an inadequate wooden ramp (gradient 8%, width 93 cm, length 85 cm, elevation between the sloping surface and the floor at the bottom 5 cm).

A locked side entrance allowing access with less barriers is available from Albertov Street, which slopes longitudinally from Ke Karlovu Street (up to 9%). The entrance gate (width 91 cm) is equipped with a doorbell with a camera system (height 138 cm). The adjoining short pavement ends with a high curb (height 15-17 cm). Around the back of the building, the route continues with a rough surface and a slight slope (4-5%) to the entrance gate (entrance width 105 cm) to the courtyard with rough paving and a more pronounced slope (up to 11%), where the lower lift station is located. Upon ringing the doorbell, the gate must be opened by a caretaker at the entrance from the street.


The courtyard level, ground floor, and the other two floors of the building are connected by a lift.

The tiered lecture room F1 (Č. Strouhala) is normally accessible from the staircase landing between the 2nd and 3rd above-ground floors (19 steps down from the 3rd above-ground floor). Upon prior arrangement, access to the lower part of the lecture room from the 2nd above-ground floor can be used through the office in the north wing.

Another tiered lecture room F2 (V. Dolejška) has an ordinary access point to the lower part directly from the corridor of the 2nd above-ground floor.

There is limited manoeuvring space in the vestibules of the offices, to which double doors (width 2x 60 cm) with a narrowed passage always lead from the main corridors. Most of the entrances to the individual offices have a single door (width 80 cm).


A lift with doors on both sides (automatically opening door width 110 cm, cabin width 141 cm, depth 158 cm) connects the courtyard to the 3rd above-ground floor. The manoeuvring space in front of the lift is sufficient. The cabin with doors on the opposite side is not equipped with a pull-down seat, mirror, or handle. The controls at the entrances have a maximum height of 100 cm. The maximum height of the controls inside the cabin is 123 cm.

Sanitary facilities

The building has only standard toilets, which are located on each floor.

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