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Support group for students with ADHD and similar difficulties

University life can be both rewarding and challenging, so we all need support and resources. Our new support group aims to create a safe and welcoming space for students with ADHD (and similar difficulties) to connect, share experiences, and learn valuable strategies for academic and personal success. You don't need to be officialy diagnosed with ADHD or ADD to be a part of this group, we welcome everyone. 

The group will take place in English, but is open to both English-speaking and Czech students (don't be afraid if your English isn't perfect).

What You Can Expect:

- Peer Support: You'll have the opportunity to meet fellow students who face similar challenges. Sharing your experiences and hearing from others can be incredibly empowering.

- Resource Sharing: Discover helpful resources, both on and off-campus, to support your academic journey and overall well-being.

- Professional Support: The group will be led by two experienced counselors (psychologist and a coach), you can ask them questions about managing ADHD-related issues, including time management, organization, study strategies, and stress management.

Meeting Details:

Date: every two weeks on Thursdays

Time: from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Location: Hybernská Campus

How to Join:

There has been some free capacity at the group recently. You can come to Hybernská without previous registration. Or, for more information, you can write to Mgr. Jakub Fiala

Last change: May 10, 2024 17:09 
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