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Duties of contact persons

  • monitoring the area of support for students and applicants for study with special needs and related activities and informing Centrum Carolina of the situation;

  • coordinating activities related to the registration of students with special needs;

  • providing services offered by the faculty, taking care of the organisation of these services and facilitating them;

  • establishing contact with the applicant for the purpose of discussing and preparing the modified admission procedure with the general understanding that the proposed modification may deviate from the standard process as little as possible (the modification may not alter the standard of the requirements);

  • informing students and applicants with special needs about the services provided by the University and faculty and continuously updating the information for students and applicants for study on the faculty website;

  • taking active interest in dealing with the individual study matters of students with special needs and providing for the modification of study conditions and environment;

  • cooperating in their activities with the relevant centres at the faculty and University (e.g. Centrum Carolina, departments, institutes and special work centres);

  • developing activities leading to the enhancement of the awareness of issues relating to students with special needs on the part of faculty employees; striving to develop an academic environment which is friendly to students with special needs;

  • following agreement with the student with special needs, informing the tutors about the participation of a student with special needs in their course and how this participation would influence tuition and its preparation (e.g. providing materials to interpreters and transcribers, collaboration with note takers, extra tutorials for these students or even individual tuition, choice of type of organisation of tuition, technical aids);

  • following agreement with the tutor and the student with special needs, providing interpreters into/from Czech sign language, or possibly recording the course on an audio or audio-visual carrier;

  • cooperating with the relevant departments, institutes and special centres in the transformation of study materials into forms accessible to students with special needs;

  • accepting, consulting and possibly implementing student proposals for enhancing the accessibility of study materials, buildings and other University facilities;

  • acquainting faculty graduates with sources of information on the employment of persons with special needs and monitoring their entry into the labour market;

  • documenting their activity;

  • meeting the requirement of systematic learning in the field of education of persons with special needs;

  • once the decision on the admission of the student is issued, ensuring (together with the Student Admission Office) the registration of students with special needs and facilitating the execution of functional diagnostics.

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