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Weekend in the mountain

Mountain hiking and grounding (not only) for international students

About the event: Are you an international student at Charles University? Are you tempted to go beyond the usual academic experiences (lectures, exams, internships...) and go to nature for a few days? Do you like mountains, would you like to spend a few days there? Would you like to get to know other students of a similar background, share your experiences with them, be inspired by their life stories? Would you appreciate having the space to stop for a while and look at what you have already experienced in your life? What awaits you (not only) in the next semester? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the counsellor Pavla Čípková from our Carolina Centre have prepared the perfect event for just that!

Whether you are just about to come to the Czech Republic or have been living there for a few years, the aim of this event is to give international students a chance to recharge their batteries in the countryside before the academic year starts, meet other international students, and get to know the Czech environment better. Both, those who are not normally outdoors(y) as well as experienced travellers are welcome to attend the event. The event is organized by lecturers with experience both in moving in the mountains and accompanying others in various life situations.

For whom: International students, Erasmus students. In case of free capacity, we also welcome Czech and Slovak students who can speak English.

When: Date to be announced when the next group is scheduled.

Price: 2 900 - 3200 CZK (depending on the number of participants) covers: accommodation, program, lecturers, half board (breakfast and dinner). Advance 1 500 CZK before action.

Number of participants: from 10 - 14


Mgr. Pavla Čípková - psychologist, crisis intervention specialist, therapist in training with experience with relaxation and mediation techniques.

Ing. Tomáš Kadlec - mountain leader, certified instructor of mountaineering and ski mountaineering.

Program: Hiking trips to nature (exploring the national park) and self-development programme (aimed on supporting students in the start of the academic year).

Where: Krkonoše National Park, Pec pod Sněžkou, cottage Mulda

Registration: send an email: pavla.cipkova@gmail.com


This is not an activity organised by Charles University. But Pavla Čípková is one of counsellors at the Carolina Counselling Centre and we think it is a great idea to spent a weekend in the mountains. That is why we inform about the activity at our web.

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