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Modified admission procedure

If you are submitting an application for study at Charles University and have special needs, you may apply for a modified admission test. The most frequent modification is the provision of extra examination time, larger font size (in the test paper), interpreting from and into the Czech language and Czech sign language, application of various aids and technologies, etc.

If you are applying for a modification, proceed as follows:

  • In the electronic application form tick off the item Request for special treatment due to health handicap and select the type of your disability.

  • If you know which modification of the admission procedure would be suitable for you, feel free to describe it. If you leave this box empty, the form of modification will be agreed during your communication with the faculty.

  • It is necessary to attach a scanned signed form of the Application for Modification of the Admission Test to your application together with the necessary documents proving your health disadvantage (medical certificate, recommendation from the psychological and pedagogical counselling centre etc.).

The application for a modified admission test must be submitted not later than the deadline for submitting applications for study.

View of the relevant part of the electronic application form (click to enlarge).

Acknowledgeable evidence of disability

The application for modification of admission (and later for possible registration as a student with special needs) must be accompanied by a currently valid document attesting to your disability. The acknowledgeable documents are:


document proving disability within the meaning of Section 67 of Act 435/2004 Sb., on employment, or


document proving the degree of disability within the meaning of Section 39 of Act 155/1995 Sb., on pension insurance, or


identification card of a person with a disability of a certain degree within the meaning of Section 34 of Act 329/2011 Sb., on disability benefits, or


document proving a specific learning disorder found on the basis of the results of generally agreed diagnostics of specific learning disorders, or


medical report on the results of a specialised medical examination carried out in the case of persons with a mental disorder (including autism spectrum disorders and impaired communication skills) or with a chronic somatic disease, unless these can be proven by the documents listed above.

If you have any questions or if some aspect of the admission modification is unclear, do not hesitate to contact the contact person at your faculty or us at the Centrum Carolina.

Last change: August 26, 2021 10:24 
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