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Before submitting your application

Prior to submitting your application to Charles University, we recommend that you read carefully the website of your chosen faculty and the profiles of the individual courses of study. There are formally no restrictions on study, but do consider the suitability of your preferred course of study taking into account your special needs. You may discuss your choice in advance with both the contact person at the faculty in question, and directly with us at the Centrum Carolina.

Another useful source of information can be the events designed for applicants for study, organised periodically by CU. They include, especially:

  • The Information Day at CU – organised by ICSC every November at the Albertov CU campus; it is attended by representatives of all the faculties and includes a contact point for applicants with special needs

  • Open Days at individual faculties – these usually take place between November and February

  • Seminar for applicants with special needs – organised by Centrum Carolina usually in February

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