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20 July 2021

Scholarships to students in emergency situations

Awarding scholarships to students at Charles University in emergency situations.

Are you dealing with a difficult situation? Thanks to the new Rector’s directive, you can ask for assistance.

You can request an extraordinary scholarship from your Dean or the Rector. Accroding to Article 4(2) of the Scholarships and Bursaries Rules, the Dean makes a decision according to the terms set out in an internal regulation of the faculty.

A scholarship may be requested from the Rector if a student is dealing with an emergency situation that relates in particular to the following:

a. Losing one’s parents,

b. Taking care of a dependent person,

c. Becoming a mother or a parent,

d. Serious health reasons,

e. Being affected by a natural disaster or another misfortune or accident,

f. Falling victim to a crime

or is in imminent danger of such a situation.

You can find out how to apply and more information here.

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